DUSUP designs, operates and maintains DUSUP’s onshore pipelines and related facilities to International Standards in order to ensure an uninterrupted flow of gas and other hydrocarbons across Dubai. The pipeline network consists of several hundred kilometers of pipelines ranging from 48″ high pressure gas pipelines down to 10″ condensate lines.

DUSUP also operates a No Objection Certificate (NOC) system across the Emirate of Dubai through RTA e-NOC portal whereby any contractor or developer working near a pipeline must provide the details of their work plan for technical review and approval. This is to keep Dubai’s pipeline infrastructure safe and in harmony with the construction and development activities across the Emirate. Further details can be found on the NOC webpage.

DUSUP inspectors monitor all work near pipelines and patrol the entire pipeline system on a twice daily basis. As an additional safety measure to protect against third party encroachment, the pipeline corridors have been fenced and warning signs have been installed at 250 meter intervals along each pipeline route.

In case of Emergencies or if a smell of gas is detected, please call our 24 hour Emergency Control Room immediately on: (04) 880-1867.