No Objection Certificate (NOC)

NOC stands for No Objection Certificate. The NOC System is in place in Dubai to review and pre-approve any work within the NOC Zone to confirm compliance of the property developer/owner, consultants & contractor with DUSUP standards and requirements. DUSUP NOC is issued through Dubai Government’s E-NOC system administered by RTA.

The DUSUP Pipeline corridors are shared with Dolphin Energy Limited (DEL), ENOC Group, EMDAD and DEWA. NOC for the pipelines are reviewed by the respective pipeline Owners or Operators.

DUSUP is a main processor for DEL, ENOC Group and EMDAD within the E-NOC system. Therefore DEL, ENOC Group and EMDAD process their pipeline NOCs through DUSUP as sub-processors.

NOC for the DEWA pipelines within the DUSUP corridors are processed independently and directly by DEWA through the E-NOC system.

An option to apply exclusively for DUSUP NOC is applicable in E-NOC. This option is only applicable where NOC from other departments are not applicable and applicants are responsible for necessary verification before submission of NOC.