About Us

About Our Organisation

DUSUP supplies the energy needs of a number of key utility and industrial companies in Dubai, supplying natural gas to DEWA, Dubal, Dugas, ENOC and Dubai Petroleum for their power generation, desalination and other industrial needs. Today, DUSUP buys natural gas from Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) and Dolphin Energy under long term contracts.

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  • Our Management

    Meet our leadership team at the Dubai Supply Authority. Our management executes strategies to cater to the unique needs of our clients throughout the middle east.

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  • Margham Gas Plant & Field

    The Margham Gas Plant and Field is located approximately 55 Km from Dubai on the Dubai / Hatta road. It is the largest gas field onshore Dubai. The field contains three gas-bearing geological formations located more than 10,000 feet below the ground surface.

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    The Pipeline Department designs operates and maintains DUSUP's onshore pipelines and related facilities to International Standards

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  • LNG

    As Dubai grows, so the demand for energy grows. DUSUP supports the growth of Dubai by ensuring that it buys sufficient energy at competitive price to secure the future of the Emirate. Whilst today DUSUP buys the majority of its pipeline gas from Abu Dhabi and Qatar, for the future DUSUP continues to seek out new sources of energy from around the world; to diversify its supply and to manage the growth in energy demand especially during the peak summer period. The development of the DUSUP LNG terminal has been a key element of that diversification goal.

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    The DUSUP Gas Control Station (GCS) controls the flow of pipeline gas and LNG from suppliers to the end users by a series of 16 control valve stations located at the center of Dubai fuel gas grid in Jebel Ali. The original GCS was constructed in 1993 and expanded in 2006 and 2010 to meet the increasing fuel requirement in Dubai.

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