DUSUP NOC Conditions

DUSUP NOC Conditions

The following are DUSUP's defined NOC Zones:

No work shall be carried out within the above zones without  an approved written NOC from DUSUP through the E-NOC portal.

DUSUP NOC will include a list of General NOC Conditions that are mandatory for all DUSUP NOCs and Specific NOC conditions that are mandatory to the specific applicant scope of work. The applicant must comply with all General and Specific DUSUP NOC conditions as indicated in the E-NOC Portal, and a copy of the NOC must remain on the worksite throughout the duration of  the work.

No work shall be carried out within 10 meters of a pipeline or related facility without the on-site presence of a Pipeline Representative. The Pipeline Department must be contacted a minimum of four (4) working days in advance of works to arrange for a Pipeline Representative to be in attendance.

Furthermore, contractors are required to provide an undertaking letter for non-disclosure DUSUP confidential and proprietary information. 

DUSUP’s Non-Disclosure Template and Standard NOC Conditions are as follows:

For examples of specific NOC conditions for particular works, please refer to  ‘DUSUP NOC GUIDELINES